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"lr is a Photography startup business based here in Shillong since 2017. Our goal is to capture your precious moments and turn them into beautiful memory for a lifetime. We provide services in Photography for Weddings, Post weddings, Birthday Events, Family Portraits, Maternity or Pregnancy session, and Newborn session.

We provide high-quality, organized efficient photography services. We work energetically with our skills and knowledge and make utilization of the best cameras and appurtenances to guarantee the highest caliber output".


"I am a full-time Professional Wedding Photographer & Web Designer based here in Shillong. I am the Founder and Supervisor of lr I started my career as a photographer in 2017. I concentrate most on wedding and baby photography like newborn and kids photoshoots with family portraits as well. I trained myself through many physical and online workshops. I am fortunate to be working alongside with other professional photographers in town as well ".

Thank You.


Lamphrang Ryntathiang
6+ yrs Experience


Remdor Pathaw
Assistant Photographer 
3+ yrs Experience


"I am a self-taught freelance photographer & an entreprenuer from Shillong. For the past couple of years, I have been doing it as a hobby but this industry is starting to grow here in Shillong so I took it as my full-time profession so that I can give more time and concentration. Under the guidance of many professional ones I know I can do better in the future. ".

Thank You.

L I G H T   A S S I S T A N T

"I am a freelance Light Assistant based in Jowai. I am glad to be a part of this team where I get a chance to meet many professional photographers and videographers from Shillong and abroad. Being an assistant in lighting is a crucial platform where we need to synchronize all the time with the photographer".

Thank You.


Adel Dhar
Light Assistant
2+ yrs Experience


Batskhem Marwein
Support Assistant
3+ yrs Experience

S U P P O R T   A S S I S T A N T

"I am a Support Assistant for this team and I am based here in Shillong. I usually assist in transportation, lighting, and technical ground. I keep track of the schedule, gears, and safety of the team. I will be the one who will make sure that the team will reach their destination on time safe and sound. ".

Thank You.

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O U R   S T U D I O  A D D R E S S

Madanrting, Block-F near Hazanyaa Pharmacy

Shillong, 793 021

Tel: +91 60091 15471

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