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"Capturing your beautiful moments"

H.S Yarthotchui & Chonthing


For us, a Wedding is just about You. We want to capture the emotions, the real moments, the small inconspicuous moments and you, as you are in normal life, authentic and undisguised. We want to be part of your wedding, as silent observers and friends who are happy and celebrate with you.

We do not care whether you are celebrating a small and intimate wedding. For us the most important thing is that you remain true to yourself. If you feel addressed by it, please tell us a little bit about yourself and write us how you would like to celebrate your big day.

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Your little toddler now is about to become one year or another year older and you wished to celebrate with lots of friends and families. A beautiful decoration according to your kid's favorite animation. A tasty meal according to your smart deal. So much fun and joy around.

Well, we are here to capture and turn them into memories you will cherish forever, especially your children when they grew up.

Hey, Mom and Dad do not forget to call us and let us know about your plans for the birthday party.



A family photograph is to capture a moment in time with those you care for most. They are treasured memories. If family photography were as simple as picking up a camera and shouting ‘say cheese!’, we’d all be doing it. But it’s not; there are a ton of little intricacies to it.

Never take it for granted, as a family take a time to cherish one another and plan one family photograph session for the generations to come.

Let us cover your family stories in the best light.

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We believe that everyone is beautiful and unique on their own way and form. Well, that's what we are here for? to capture and to create a masterpiece of art from You.

We do not care whether you are short, tall or black nor white. Because before the eyes of an artist, you are one of a kind.

So let's do a Portrait Shoot together.



Pregnancy is a journey full of joy and excitement and nausea and nervousness and moments of “I can't see my toooeessss!" But it's all a part of the experience, and it is a time you'll want to capture to remember it forever. You should book your Maternity Shoot Session for when you are around 34 weeks pregnant, that way you have a good bump to show off.

We always ensure that the location you choose is the safest place for you to get a photoshoot and our female assistant will make sure that you are comfortable. So stop worrying, start booking your session.

Baby of Rakesh


Once the little one is born, every moment is so precious! Time really flies and it’s so important to capture those loveable rosy cheeks, teeny tiny toes and baby bubbles within the first two weeks. When your little one is all grown up (and no longer a little one!) you will be able to look back and show them your wonderful selection of photos that you have cherished for years.

We love to listen to your ideas, admire your inspirations and we embrace your little ones individuality and uniqueness in a way that will suit your style.

So come on click that BOOK NOW button for your Little One.

Professional Photographer in Shillong

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